Rash Guard Design Competition


Designs can be submitted by any Refuge BJJ student, their family, or friends. Artists must state their connection to Refuge BJJ in their submission.

The drawing can be hand drawn or computer generated.

Drawing must include:
- Gym name: Refuge Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, Refuge, or Refuge BJJ
- Gym logo (hand drawn copy is fine for rendering)
- No inappropriate references or imagery
- A short sleeve design and matching long sleeve design
- Must be black or white shirt color with 10%-90% of a colored area designated for ranking (i.e. white, blue, purple, brown, black).

Any submissions that closely mimic another team or brand rash guard will not be considered.


All designs are due July 31st.

Digital copies or a scanned image must be emailed to staff@refugebjj.com. We cannot accept designs in person

Please include:
- Artist's Name + connection to Refuge BJJ (student, family member, etc)
- Artist's Age (for youth under 16 years old)
- Rash Guard Size
- Your current rank and how long you have been training (if applicable)

Winner will be chosen by coach vote!


The winning design will be announced on August 5th. 

Winner will receive a free rash guard of their design (ranked or non-ranked) & their photo in the Refuge BJJ newsletter.

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