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Mighty Mites (Ages 4-6)

Mighty Mites is an introduction class for students ages 4 to 6. Students will learn self-defense fundamentals in a fun way while also focusing on good behavior, self discipline, and building confidence.

Youth (Ages 7-12+)

Youth classes are for students ages 7 to 12+ and open to all experience levels. These classes will go over a wide range of both fundamental and advanced techniques that are fully applicable in both competition and self-defense situations.

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Adult & Teen 

The adult class is mixed level class with varying sizes and experience levels. Class structure will be dynamic and will include fundamental techniques, advanced techniques, self-defense positions, competition training, and rolling (live sparring).

Competition Class

Competition class is perfect for the avid athlete looking to take their Jiu-Jitsu to the next level. This will be a fast paced class designed to prepare the competitor both mentally and physically for competition. Primarily focused on live sparring and drilling the class will also give students the chance to ask questions about competition scenarios.

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