Family Open Mat

Family Open Mat!
Thanks to all the input from our Parent Survey, Refuge BJJ has decided to open this class as an opportunity for students to get more practice, spend quality family time together, and convince your family members to train!

Class Structure:

Open mat is a class with no organized structure. It is up to the sole discretion of the students to warm up, drill techniques, and/or roll. Instructors are on-site for questions (trouble shooting) and safety issues. However, rolls will only be allowed between an ADULT and KID partner. (This class will not have kids rolling with other kids)

Class Schedule:

Family Open Mat will be hosted once per month on Saturdays from 10 AM - 11 AM. Scheduled dates will be provided via newsletters and announcements to Refuge BJJ students.
No RSVP required. But all participants will be asked to sign a waiver prior to joining the class.

Who Can Attend & Partnership Requirements

Family open mat is available for current Refuge BJJ students on active memberships (free trials and those who pay drop-in mat fees only do not qualify) and their "+1 Family Partner". In other words, each student can bring ONE non-student partner.

Age Requirements:
This class requires that at least one partner is an adult (18 years+)*
All children must be ages 4-12* and be fully toilet trained.
* See FAQs for questions about teens.

Partner Limit:
Limit of one "+1 Family Partner" per student.  Exception: If the additional family partners are paid members, they may join.

A few examples:
✔️ Joey (current Mighty Mite) brings his Uncle John (age 25) who is a non-member.
✔️ Carl (current adult) brings his granddaughter (age 12)
✔️ Betty (current Mighty Mite) and Bobby (current Youth) bring their Mom who is a non-member.  Exception to partner limit because both kids are paying members.
❌ Mary (current youth) brings her aunt and uncle ** Exceeds partner limit
 Jeff (current adult) brings his daughter for 30 mins and son for 30 mins **See FAQs for info on multiple partners
❌  Larry (current youth) brings his cousin (12 years old) **Missing adult partner. Must have an adult in the partnership


  • Can teens (ages 13+) come to the Family Open Mat to train with adults?
    No, teens may train with adults in the Teen & Adult Open Mat (scheduled every Saturday at 11 AM) and new students can participate with a mat fee.
  • Can teens (ages 13+) come to the Family Open Mat to train with younger kids?
    This will only be permitted for teens that are current members of Refuge BJJ and must have Coach Josh or Coach Ryan's permission prior to joining. 
  • Can a kid bring multiple adults to a Family Open Mat?
    No, kids may only bring ONE non-member adult. *Exception if the additional adults or family members are current Refuge BJJ students. 
  • Does a student have to bring the same family partner each month?
    No, You can absolutely change partners for different months. We just ask that you keep the SAME partner for the entire class session (no switching out between mom and dad or between kiddos during the class).

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