Gym Etiquette

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Understanding Gym Etiquette 

Here at Refuge BJJ, we do our very best to make sure the academy is safe and clean for all of our members. We have written our own personal code of conduct that we expect all students to abide by at Refuge BJJ. Take a look at the list below or check it out on the poster next to our front desk.

Code of Conduct

  • Safety is priority – Use only legal techniques unless given permission by your instructor.
  • Respect everyone, instructors and students alike.
  • Shoes or socks must be worn at all times off of the mat.
  • Keep your uniform clean.
  • Keep yourself properly groomed- nails should be trimmed and no jewelry can be worn during class.
  • Stay healthy. If you have any skin lesions or communicable sicknesses, talk to an instructor before going on the mat.
  • No foul language.
  • Be on time for class. If late, wait for instructor permission to enter class.
  • Let the instructor know ahead of time if you need to leave class early.
  • Moms & Dads: Encourage and cheer from the side, but please no coaching.
  • Always bow or shake hands before and after rolling.
  • Enjoy yourself!

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