Student Spotlight: Rhyan

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Meet Rhyan from Youth Class!

Refuge BJJ coaches nominated students to participate in a student spotlight. They are a few of the examples of what makes our school great! Read below to learn more Rhyan and her jiu-jitsu journey.

  • What is your name? Rhyan
  • How old are you? 9
  • What is your BJJ rank? White belt with 2 stripes
  • How long have you been training jiu-jitsu? Since May 2018. About 9 months
  • What made you decide to try it? I decided to try it to learn how to defend myself. And because I knew a friend was going and having fun while training.
  • What is your favorite thing about jiu-jitsu? Trying new defenses on other people during rolling. And I like practicing new things.
  • What do you think is the hardest part of jiu-jitsu? I think the hardest part of jiu-jitsu for me is when my opponent is defending and I am trying to get a submission- knowing what to do next is the hardest thing for me.
  • What would you tell your friends is the best reason to train jiu-jitsu? I would tell my friends that the best reason is so you know what to do if someone attacks you. And because it is challenging and fun!

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